The Christian Enneagram Podcast with Kim Eddy

A Christmas Permission Slip for Each Enneagram Type

December 22, 2021 Kim Eddy Season 1 Episode 36
The Christian Enneagram Podcast with Kim Eddy
A Christmas Permission Slip for Each Enneagram Type
Show Notes Transcript

Sometimes Enneagram growth can feel like a hard workout regime.

This episode is your metaphorical rest day.

I hope you have a gentle, lovely Christmas (or are able to find the lovely moments if the season is stressful for you).

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00:00:09 Hi, you're listening to the Christian Enneagram podcast. I'm Kim Eddy, your host, and self-proclaimed Enneagram BFF. Every week I stop by with some Enneagram encouragement, motivation, and inspiration, and sometimes a special guest. Here, we ask the big questions about the Enneagram when it comes to your faith, we get to know ourselves a little better, and we grow and empathy for others. I hope you enjoy today's episode and I'm just so excited you're here. So let's get into it.

00:00:44 Hello friend, welcome to the podcast. I'm excited to be talking to you today. If you are listening to this on the day that it releases, then it's Christmas Eve and tomorrow is Christmas day, and I hope that you're excited. I'm excited. It's going to be a great day... if we make it a great day.

00:01:04 And I wanted to just pop in here quickly, give you a little Christmas gift, a little Christmas reminder for your Enneagram type, and then give you the opportunity to reciprocate and give me (or this podcast, rather) a little Christmas gift of your own. So these handy reminders that I'm going to give you in your Enneagram type can be considered little "permission slips", little hall passes that allow you to let go or lean in a little bit, depending on what your type is.

00:01:37 As you go into the Christmas season, you probably will be feeling some of the weight of what you know about your Enneagram type or the ways that other people show up that for, for lack of a better term, kind of on its face, bother you. And this can bring up some discomfort. This can bring up some nervousness, possibly even with some of the things that might come up on Christmas day. And so I wanted to give you some permission. You know, we talk a lot about the deep growth and that self-awareness and the reflection and the introspection and the moving towards intentionality, which is all what I would consider working out, that is, "building up muscle."

00:02:26 What I would like to offer you this Christmas is a "rest day"; is some downtime; is some time to (oh, excuse me) give your Enneagram type, yourself, your heart, your soul, your emotions, your head, whatever it is, a rest from all of the "exercise."

00:02:48 Type One, where I would encourage you is to lean into your playful side, your adventurous side, and allow yourself to, to play a little bit. Often Type Ones have this desire to do things and let go and be a little more carefree, but we sometimes need that permission; or we feel like our responsibilities will continue piling up, somewhat like a conveyor belt that never stops. And so Type One, I would encourage you to give yourself the permission to be playful, knowing that you can pick up where you left off (or not, depending on where you're at), but that the playfulness that can come about in Christmas and just being ready to just enjoy is a gift. You can give yourself a gift; you can give others, and something that will benefit everybody who witnesses it, including yourself. So Type One, I give you permission to play!

00:03:55 Type Two, you are at the top of my list for someone who may not be able to sit down; may be making sure everybody has, you know, refills, making sure everybody is well taken-care of and feels appreciated and understands how much they are loved. And that is beautiful. That can also be incredibly tiring and leave you drained halfway through the day! So Type Two, I want to give you a permission to sit down and rest, you, maybe not force a smile. Maybe allow some time to just be you; take it in; uh, "sit down" is the permission that I would give you as a Type Two.

00:04:43 Type Three, the permission that I want to give you is believe that your people are on your side. This can be difficult as you might be kind of scanning, wondering, trying to perceive where you're at, where you're "standing" is with the people that you care about; but it is Christmas! So I want to give you the permission and the encouragement to make the assumption that they are on your side. They are for you, and you are safe with the people that you, that you know, logically, and have a reason to believe you are safe with.

00:05:28 Even though that can be hard to put that belief into practice. So I want to give you permission to put that belief into practice and to feel safe, feel that you are safe with the people that you know you're safe with. I hope that that makes sense, Type Three. I think, I think you're picking up what I'm putting down, but I want to give you permission to assume that your people are on your side.

00:05:58 Type four, I wanted to give you permission this Christmas to wait before making any decisions until your feet are on an emotionally solid ground. And by this I mean, you will probably run into situations or circumstances or exchanges through your Christmas or your holidays that bring up things that create this wave of emotion, and that wave can go up and down. What I want to give you permission to do is to pause and allow yourself to feel whatever you feel and maybe leave that situation without giving a response or making a decision,

00:06:39 because you might find that your position changes slightly as you reflect on it. So that is my permission to you, Type Four, is to feel all of the feelings that come; don't repress them or suppress them, but allow yourself time to pause between whatever comes up that causes an emotion and a response or a decision associated with that same situation. So that's my permission to you, Type Four; my encouragement to you is to pause.

00:07:10 Type Five, I wanted to give you permission this Christmas to voice opinions or thoughts about something that you don't know yet, where you stand; and you can couch this however you want. I fully give you permission to say things like, you know, "I'm still thinking about it and this could change, but I find this topic interesting. So here are my thoughts right now."

00:07:38 I want to give you permission to jump into conversations that you're curious about that evoke the sense of wonder and imagination in you, and contribute to them out loud. You have so much to share. I'm sure that you will go and do your research afterwards, but I want to give you permission to be present with the conversations that are happening in the moment. So that is my encouragement. That is my permission to you, Type Five, is to explore conversations.

00:08:12 Type Six, where I wanted to give you a little encouragement and a little permission is in the area of planning. You are probably making contingency plans and making sure, trying to make sure that everything will work out in the way that you see being the least destructive, or the least negative. And what I wanted to give you permission to do, if you are able, is to allow the fact and the reality (because it is the reality) that your plans will not happen the way that you want them to. Life is too complicated; there are too many variables, and it's so unpredictable! But the one predictable thing is that we can't plan life. And so I want to give you permission to embrace the uncertainty.

00:09:07 If you can lean into it, maybe even throw up your hands a little bit and say, "What will be will be. I've done my best." And then pick up some lemonade or some coffee and let the unpredictableness unfold in front of you. So that's my encouragement to you, Type Six, is to embrace that things are going to fall apart and they can still be beautiful.

00:09:34 Type Seven, I have an encouragement for you. I have a permission slip for you, and this is to allow yourself to be fully with the people that you were so excited to be around and experience this time with, and really be with those people! Soak up the joy and all of those moments, and allow yourself to enjoy them to the fullest; like savoring a dark chocolate that you eat slowly, and you just let yourself savor every bite. Like, you were looking forward to this. This is probably the "bread and butter" of the end of your year, where the exciting things are happening. And everybody else has some of the same joy that you tend to have every day, or most days. And so this is the time where you get to really soak up all of that. What I want to encourage you to do is be there! Don't be thinking about the next thing yet. This was what you were looking forward to, so savor this moment. That's my permission to you Type Seven, is to savor the right now.

00:10:50 Type Eight, where I want to give you permission is to bring up the things that you're passionate about. Continue to talk about the areas where you feel really deeply and strongly about, while, I'm "marrying" that with the understanding that that won't be everybody's cup of tea; recognizing that pulling people into that conversation, kicking and screaming, is not going to be the way to share. But I can guarantee you there's somebody there who is willing to connect and engage with you about the things that you're passionate about. So finding that blend between what will help everybody feel the harmony and unity, but also what will allow you to be heard about the things that you care about is going to be that sweet spot, that happy medium, that could be really helpful for you. So Type Eight, my permission and encouragement to you is to speak up about the things that are passionate to you, with the people who are ready to engage with you.

00:11:58 Type Nine, where I want to give you some permission and some encouragement is to allow yourself, give yourself permission to say the things that matter. This can be, you won't be itching to say those things necessarily like a Type Eight might, but you might have things that feel like you need to say them; that feel like they need to be said and expressed, even though you might be holding yourself back from that. So I want to give you permission, Type Nine, to talk about you and your heart and your opinions, especially ones that you've processed and you know what they are.

00:12:39 They aren't just top of the moment, knee-jerk reactions; they're things that you've really pondered and you know to be true about you right now. I want to give you permission to express those things with the people that care about you. And so that is my permission, my encouragement to you, Type Nine, is to open up to the degree that you feel safe about the things that are important to you and deep inside you.

00:13:08 And that is my permission to you, no matter what your type is! I hope that you resonated with one of these. It might be one that isn't for your main type, and that's totally okay! That, there's nine of them to choose from; whichever one speaks to you, take that.

00:13:25 I would love to know... actually, no, I do have an ask. So, that is my Christmas present to you, the, your little encouragement, your permission slip, maybe you can call it your little "coupon book" for your Enneagram type; but what I wanted to ask of you, something that would be so great to see under my virtual "Christmas tree" would be a podcast review and rating. This helps so much with getting the word out on the podcast.

00:13:54 We have big things coming in 2022! We're planning the year, what we're going to talk about and all those things and the kinds of guests that we'll have on, and I'm so excited to bring you that! But what helps us find guests and be the kind of podcast or seem like the kind of podcast that people would want to come visit and, and share on or share about is your ratings and reviews.

00:14:22 So if you have been listening, if you've been enjoying the things that we talk about, if you have anything good to say, please say it. Your podcast app may not have a place to rate and review, so if you have the ability to, go to Apple Podcasts, whether it's on your iPad or your Mac or your phone, depending on where you would be able to access that, I would really appreciate you going to Apple Podcasts, giving us a rating and review and letting us know that you appreciate it, because this helps us the team here.

00:15:00 It takes a team of three to make sure that these podcasts get up and ready for you, so it helps us know that this is something you value and that we should continue to make and continue to up the quality of as we move into the new year. So that would be the greatest gift that you could possibly give me when it comes to what, what we do here. So with that, I'm going to go! I wish you a happy Christmas. I hope that your time, if you're able to spend it safely with your family, is lovely and enjoyable and everything that it can be.

00:15:40  I hope that if you are employing some boundaries that you feel permission to do that and that you are able to follow through and that they are honored and all of that stuff. I hope that your holiday time is, is amazing. That's what I hope for you. I know it will not be that for everybody. I am hoping here on this, on this end of the microphone, go into your earbuds or however you were listening to this; I'm hoping that your holidays are beautiful. And I hope that you have the ability to find the beautiful moments, if that is a difficult thing for you to come by. With that, I will let you get back to your holidays, and I will see you next week! Bye for now.